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Finding a Church: The Radical Way

Are you wondering what church to join? Here is a no-holds-barred discussion of what God has to say on the subject. Continue reading

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1 Timothy 1:8 – The Law and Sound Doctrine

Sound doctrine is a mystery to most despite being thoroughly explained in Scripture. As I return from my tour of various odd forms of sickness—heat exhaustion, immunization reaction, and a stomach bug or food poisoning—it is time to return to … Continue reading

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Living the Christian Life: Revelation and the Release of the Spirit

This post was inspired by an email I received. There’s no personal information in my response, but paragraphs that start with something like “If you’re going to fight for any teaching …” refer to points in the email I received. … Continue reading

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Wrestling with Reformation

A friend of mine—I hope “friend” is acceptable, as I don’t know him real well—for whom I have immense respect wrote the following in an email: I have stayed involved in traditional churches with the belief that God uses me … Continue reading

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The Leukemia Tapes: 3 Minutes with Shammah

Rather than writing everything, I’m devoting some time to some videos on some basic misunderstandings in modern Christianity. I’m limiting them to 3 minutes or less. (That explains “3 Minutes with Shammah.” I’m calling them “The Leukemia Tapes” because I’m … Continue reading

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What Are the Implications of an Old Earth for Christians?

I really love our God, and I believe he’s way stronger than our ideas. He can take care of us even while we enjoy searching out the truth. Those who seek find. He doesn’t give snakes to children who ask for eggs. Let us not be “ye of little faith,” but let us address him as Father and trust him as children. Continue reading

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Confused About Christianity?: Titus 2, Real Christianity, and the Pastoral Epistles

Confused about Christianity? Let’s wipe out all the confusion in one blog post. Yes, deliverance from all the competing doctrines of Christianity, and a straightforward, you-will-agree-with-this, Biblical description of the Gospel. Are you ready? Titus 2:1-10: Sifting Down to Sound … Continue reading

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