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Taking a Stand

Someone has to say what’s true. Today, I want to point you to two blogs doing just that. One is mine. I started addressing all the nonsense that people say about Christian history. It’s high time that the truth got … Continue reading

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Why You Get Pushed Around and Why You’ll Miss Out If You Let it Happen

This is a defense of Rose Creek Village … sort of. It’s not about Rose Creek Village. It’s about you. I’ve heard, recently, several people complain about some friends of mine—leaders at Rose Creek Village—who are intimidating. I agree they’re … Continue reading

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Bold Humility: A Christian Blogger’s Toughest Target

Last night I made it back to the Bible study I visited a few weeks ago. There, I heard a term that captured my attention. Bold humility. I didn’t need an explanation. I knew exactly what he was talking about. … Continue reading

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Liberal Arts and the Word of God: Emotion and Why God Still Speaks Today

There’s probably some really great title for this blog, better than "Liberal Arts and the Word of God," but I just can’t seem to find it. I thought of titles involving the right brain as well, but I thought that … Continue reading

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The “Easy” Part of the Christian Walk (Continued)

I sent an email today talking about the basics of walking with Christ and of dealing with weakness. I thought it was worth sharing with you. Any of you that are mature in Christ, no matter what your background, will … Continue reading

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Easy Believism: The Scriptural Version

I’m always harping on the need to have a real commitment to Jesus. Asking Jesus into your heart and believing that he died for your sins are not enough. You have to be a believer in Jesus, which means you … Continue reading

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Who Am I To Be Fabulous?

Who am I to be fabulous? Who am I not to be? Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most … Continue reading

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The Friend of God?

A friend of mine, Patrick Beard of Indigenous Outreach International, asked me about Psalm 45:10-11, which I mentioned in my book on the Council of Nicea. I love that passage, and I want to share my answer to him with … Continue reading

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Psalm 84: Whose Strength Is in You

A friend of mine made a banner for me for my hospital room with Psalm 84:5-7 on it. I’m on day 20 of my first round of chemotherapy for acute leukemia, in case you don’t already know that. I’ve been … Continue reading

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Was Jesus a Historical Figure?

I was reading yesterday’s post at The Failed Atheist. I listened to the video on it, and I simply must repost it here. This is a liberal, non-Christian, pro-gnostic scholar—Bart Ehrman—who really irritates me. In this case, however, I think … Continue reading

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