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The Calvary Road: Real and Lasting Revival

The impossible Christian life is the only one that can be lived because it is the only one God gives grace for. Continue reading

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Baptism and the Sinner’s Prayer

This is a response I just sent to someone. There’s nothing personal in it, so I wanted to post this here. I hope there’s something helpful in it: The thing that helped me most with baptism was comparing it to … Continue reading

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Walking in the Spirit

One obedience leads to another. He who is faithful in little will be faithful in much. Continue reading

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God’s Not Disappointed in You

If you want to have joy, peace, and righteousness, I highly recommend believing these things and coming boldly to the throne of grace to obtain the grace you need.

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Confidence in the Flesh and Knowing Christ

This morning in Bible study a few of us were looking at Galatians 2. Obviously, as we go further in Galatians, we need a good working definition of justification, and we went after that. The Greek word justify is just … Continue reading

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The Righteousness of God vs. Our Righteousness

Sometimes I don’t get around to blogging because everything I write is so long and takes an hour to write. I wrote the following on a young friend’s blog, and I thought I should make it my own blog post. … Continue reading

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