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Why Not Keep the Law of Moses?

This is from an email exchange. I thought it would be helpful for many others besides the recipient. Here are the kind of issues that were asked: I will start with two simple laws that are referenced as far back … Continue reading

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1 Timothy 1:8 – The Law and Sound Doctrine

Sound doctrine is a mystery to most despite being thoroughly explained in Scripture. As I return from my tour of various odd forms of sickness—heat exhaustion, immunization reaction, and a stomach bug or food poisoning—it is time to return to … Continue reading

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The Law of Moses and the Sabbath for Christians

I addressed a question concerning the Sabbath on the Christian History for Everyman Facebook page. It’s short compared to most of my blog posts, but very long for a Facebook post. If that’s a topic that interests or puzzles you, … Continue reading

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Easter is Passover, not Resurrection Sunday

The only annual feast that the apostles’ churches kept, as far as I can tell, is Passover. Over time, that has become Easter. I won’t concern myself with how it got to be Easter, whether there were pagan origins, etc. … Continue reading

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I Do Keep the Sabbath!

I keep all of the Law the way Jesus taught in Matthew 5:21 and forward. I keep the Sabbath by living in perpetual Sabbath. I do not murder by behaving in love and not hate by the power of the Holy Spirit. Continue reading

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Genesis One and the New Creation, Part 3

Please read Part 1 and Part 2 before reading this post, or you’ll probably be lost. The Sixth Day: Animals and Man I think it is significant that the sixth day includes the creation of both animals and man. I … Continue reading

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Through the Bible in a Year: Exodus 13 through 16

The Schedule Chapter readings for this week Overall schedule, week by week Exodus 13:1-2: Sanctification of the Firstborn Since God had just spared all the firstborn, human and livestock alike, of the Israelites, he declared that all the firstborn are … Continue reading

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Sunday and the Resurrection of Jesus

Today is Sunday. To the early Christians every Sunday was a celebration of the resurrection. On Sunday they would not kneel, and prayers were said with hands raised, which was the position of the cross to the early Christians. (Different … Continue reading

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Practical, Visible Christianity

Almost all the doctrine we argue is theoretical and cannot be tested. There is nothing practical about our doctrines; there are no ways to see whether they work. Continue reading

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Too Lazy to Reason, Part III: Liars

There are many thousands of self-appointed apologists for these doctrines that pretend to be researching the subject. The problem is, they’re lying.
Continue reading

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