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On the Favor of God

The following post on my leukemia blog seemed worth reposting here. Theologically and practically, there’s a lot of context needed to it that both this blog and that one provides. It may or may not make sense to you if … Continue reading

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Which Church Is the Pillar and Support of the Truth?

I have very little time to whip this post out. I have a marrow biopsy in 2 hours, though they’re going to do it right here in my bed, but I also have visitors out in the gift shop. On … Continue reading

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The Mystical Bible

I got an email from a friend. He was trying to post something like it as a comment on my leukemia blog, but computer problems prevented it. I’m glad. His "comment" captures the imagination, stirs the heart, and thrills the … Continue reading

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What I Support: Faith Alone and the Family of God … In New Words

I get so caught up in correcting what I see as obvious error that sometimes I forget to make clear what I’m supporting. I believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ really is good news. I attack all sorts of doctrines. … Continue reading

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Hearing God

I’m mixing my blogs today. On my Leukemia blog, “Thrilled to Death,” I’m writing about setting our eyes on Jesus. That requires some comments about hearing God, which goes better here. You’ll understand the short teaching you’re reading here, but … Continue reading

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The Leukemia Tapes: 3 Minutes with Shammah

Rather than writing everything, I’m devoting some time to some videos on some basic misunderstandings in modern Christianity. I’m limiting them to 3 minutes or less. (That explains “3 Minutes with Shammah.” I’m calling them “The Leukemia Tapes” because I’m … Continue reading

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Grace and Faith

I consider it possible that this discussion is too much about words, or too technical, to be very important. But anything that drives the real definition of grace home for modern Christians, very few of whom know what grace means, … Continue reading

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The True Church

Many of my friends will wonder why I’m writing about the true church and apostolic succession again. Well because there’s hardly a week that goes by that I’m not presented with arguments either that I should join the Roman Catholic … Continue reading

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Evolution, Grace, Logic, and Algebra: Why X – Y = Abundant Grace

I couldn’t resist putting the following exchange up as a blog post. It happened in the comments section of “Evolution and Romans 5:12.” I’ll just give you Monster’s one comment, and my reply. I chopped out a section his (marked … Continue reading

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Can This Really Happen in America?

Last night I went to a Bible study. Most of the people I’d never talked to before. The topic was faith and works. Everyone agreed with me. It wasn’t a dream. I couldn’t believe it was happening. I’m somewhat scared … Continue reading

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