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Welcome to

Wow, was I astounded to find that had been taken. It’s not even being used! I am making an attempt to move here because I have struggled so much with getting a design I like it with software. … Continue reading

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Holier Than Thou?

And if we do, if we really live holier than the world in such a marked way, dare we answer the world the way Octavius did? Continue reading

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Psalm 139:1-2

A while back I posted about a single verse Bible study method. I thought I’d actually apply it, and share it with you. Not everyone has an easy time making Bible study be effective for themselves. Continue reading

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Sermons, Disciples, and Taking Notes

Modern preachers repeat and plead, repeat and plead. They know they are talking to those that are not disciples. They have to plead and grab attention so that the person in the pew might consider what they have to say. Continue reading

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I Do Keep the Sabbath!

I keep all of the Law the way Jesus taught in Matthew 5:21 and forward. I keep the Sabbath by living in perpetual Sabbath. I do not murder by behaving in love and not hate by the power of the Holy Spirit. Continue reading

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Bible Study Method

This was an interesting technique for studying 1-3 verses a day and making sure that you’re getting some real spiritual food every day. Continue reading

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