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Untranslated Words in the Bible; A Rant

There are numerous words in our English Bible that aren’t translated, but transliterated. Sometimes that’s not a big deal, but there are some cases that it’s at best a theological cop-out and at worst purposeful deceit. Baptizo An example of … Continue reading

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My Book, Titles, and the Council of Nicea

I’m really looking for help on the title of my book. I’ve got a little help so far, and I’ve learned that I’m not as bad at titles as I thought. Titling a book is just difficult! I have four … Continue reading

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Behavior Is Better Than Belief

Today, I just have some points for you to consider: After 300 years of church history, the Council of Nicea still found only a paragraph’s worth of doctrine important enough to encapsulate in a creed. The foundation of God, according … Continue reading

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Free Chapters of My Book: The Council of Nicea

I posted earlier today, too, with more content :-D. If you read my blog, you probably know that I’ve been working on a book about the Council of Nicea. My writing part is done. All I’m doing now is formatting. … Continue reading

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Can You Be Controlled?

I wrote someone recently and told them that the best argument for some of the things I teach is Rose Creek Village. (Not that RCV does what I teach; I teach what RCV does.) I described “great power, great joy, … Continue reading

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Picking the Winning Horse

First, as a total aside, you have got to read about this bat that lets any scorpion sting it in the face. God’s creation is marvelous, isn’t it? A Whole Thesaurus of Bad Manners I’ve been watching a couple Rob … Continue reading

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Pleading for Sin and Pleading for Righteousness

A friend mentioned I hadn’t posted in nearly a month. I’ve been working on my book about the Council of Nicea. 10 chapters done, 1 chapter to write, and 9 to edit. I also have to edit the glossaries. I … Continue reading

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