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What Are the Implications of an Old Earth for Christians?

I really love our God, and I believe he’s way stronger than our ideas. He can take care of us even while we enjoy searching out the truth. Those who seek find. He doesn’t give snakes to children who ask for eggs. Let us not be “ye of little faith,” but let us address him as Father and trust him as children. Continue reading

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Why I’m Not Catholic: Gandhi and the Truth

Of course, you’ll have to triumph by dying. That’s how Christians do it, you know. Continue reading

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When Doctrine and History Matter

Yesterday I talked about when doctrine and history don’t matter; when they are just issues to create dissension and divide us. Today I want to talk about when they do matter: The other day, I got a really awesome letter … Continue reading

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Your “immortal” soul

Note: all Scripture quotes on this post are from the NASB Updated version. A lot of traditions have crept in over the last 2,000 years. Some of them have become a basic part of our assumptions that we never question. One of … Continue reading

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