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Verses Versus Verses: Eternal Security

We’ve been talking about eternal security the last two weeks in our “Life Group.” They have been very gracious with my dissent, and my dissent has not been very strong because this group does not deny the necessity for works … Continue reading

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Far-Fetched: John 15:2

For some reason, sent me a magazine in the mail. I’ve been to that site before, so I knew the magazine would be good fodder for a blog. It did not disappoint. I can’t find the magazine now, which … Continue reading

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Far-Fetched Interpretations

In researching how much the Reformers relied on or referenced the early church fathers, I ran across this article on The Old Jamestown Church blog. That particular post defends the Reformation view of salvation by faith alone with citations from … Continue reading

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Did the Reformers Read the Church Fathers?

This is just a light touch on the subject. I will try to get more specifics about how the Reformers, as well as fathers of denominations such as John Wesley with the Methodists and Alexander Campbell with the Churches of … Continue reading

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You’re probably explaining away more of the Bible than you realize. Baptized in Bickering I became a Christian in northern Florida in 1982. I was excited, filled with joy, and rarin’ to go. I was excited about Jesus, and I … Continue reading

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Christian History in a Nutshell

Ready? Let’s go! The apostles formed churches. Those churches formed churches. These churches had no leadership higher than the local city or town. Nonetheless, they were taught to carefully preserve the apostles’ teaching. Over time, as the churches grew, some … Continue reading

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Obama Tricked Me!

Al Francken’s book Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them makes a point about how he was fooled into supporting the Iraq war by George Bush. Boy, was he mad about that, and rightfully so. I was tricked into … Continue reading

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Christ in Us, the Hope of Glory

What does “Christ in us, the hope of glory” mean? We quote it, but do we think about it? The surface meaning is plain enough. Our hope of glory is the Anointed One living in us. But do we live … Continue reading

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Divorce and Remarriage in the Church

There is a strong and growing voice against divorce and remarriage in the United States. The case that Jesus, the apostles, and the early churches all forbad remarriage after a divorce is strong. I won’t bother making a case because … Continue reading

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Witnesses of the Resurrection

We terribly underestimate the importance of the primary job of the twelve apostles. In fact, most of us don’t even know what it was. It is written in the book of the Psalms, “… Let another take position.” Therefore, from … Continue reading

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