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Why Not Keep the Law of Moses?

This is from an email exchange. I thought it would be helpful for many others besides the recipient. Here are the kind of issues that were asked: I will start with two simple laws that are referenced as far back … Continue reading

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Fulness of the Law (video)

I’d guess that almost no one knows how the early Christians dealt with Matthew 5:17: “I did not come to abolish the Law, but to bring it to fullness.” The evangelical interpretation of that passage relies on a faulty translation … Continue reading

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1 Timothy 1:8 – The Law and Sound Doctrine

Sound doctrine is a mystery to most despite being thoroughly explained in Scripture. As I return from my tour of various odd forms of sickness—heat exhaustion, immunization reaction, and a stomach bug or food poisoning—it is time to return to … Continue reading

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The Law of Moses and the Sabbath for Christians

I addressed a question concerning the Sabbath on the Christian History for Everyman Facebook page. It’s short compared to most of my blog posts, but very long for a Facebook post. If that’s a topic that interests or puzzles you, … Continue reading

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I Do Keep the Sabbath!

I keep all of the Law the way Jesus taught in Matthew 5:21 and forward. I keep the Sabbath by living in perpetual Sabbath. I do not murder by behaving in love and not hate by the power of the Holy Spirit. Continue reading

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The New Law: The Fullness of the Old Law

This video on the Law is based on the teaching of the early Christians but presented completely based on Scripture. Continue reading

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The Power of Almost True

This post is in reference to this article, published in the Huffington post. Bernard Starr, the author, claims that the Catholics suppressed the reading of the Bible because they did not want individual members to see just how Jewish the … Continue reading

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Fulfilling the Law (Matthew 5:17)

One of the more controversial verses in the apostles’ writings is Matthew 5:17: Do not thing that I came to abolish [kataluo: to dissolve, disunite, destroy, demolish, overthrow, render vain, bring to naught, subvert] the Law or the prophets. I … Continue reading

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The Council at Jerusalem

I’m not going to talk about the council at Jerusalem. I’m going to pass on an article about it. I’m quoted in it, though only as admitting I really didn’t know why the council chose those four laws to put … Continue reading

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Practical, Visible Christianity

Almost all the doctrine we argue is theoretical and cannot be tested. There is nothing practical about our doctrines; there are no ways to see whether they work. Continue reading

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