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Obedience and Christian “Salvation”

What is salvation? I like to use the example of a saved drowning person. The saved person is the one who’s standing on the shore. The unsaved person is the one in the water, flapping their arms in the air … Continue reading

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Health Care Plan, Debate, and My One Request

On the Health Care Plan, have you noticed how no one has talked about doctors and hospitals charging less money? Rose Creek Village has businesses that make a good portion of  their money by working for rich doctors … doctors … Continue reading

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The Councils, the Creeds, and the Salvation of Souls

I always say there’s nothing like reading error to motivate one to write truth. I’m prone to writing error here and there, too. I’m human. I have things I don’t understand. I have things I forget to consider. Teaching and … Continue reading

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Ronald Reagan Buried 20 Trillion Dollars in the White House Rose Garden

My wife tells me that the ridiculous story that Ronald Reagan buried 20 trillion dollars in the White House Rose Garden actually made it to the Google news listing last night. I found a copy of it here. As soon … Continue reading

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The Historic Christian Faith? – Norman Geisler, Luther’s 95 Theses, and the Bible

Error, lies, and foolishness are always excellent motivators for me to blog. The particular embarrassing morass of propaganda to which I am referring is John Ankerberg’s interview with Norman Geisler. The interview is such a collection of Protestant fantasy that … Continue reading

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Scripture: The Foundation of Truth?

 I saw a blog recently, pretty good other than the ridiculous amount of advertising at the top, and I wrote the following response to it. I thought it was pertinent and ought to be on my blog. Scripture and the … Continue reading

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