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The Problem of Pain

I’ve heard a lot of arguments against spanking children over the last 20 years. I only want to address one aspect of the argument. Those who are opposed to spanking seem to me to be opposed to physical pain. Emotional … Continue reading

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Grace and Mercy Revisited

Little rant I did on Facebook. I think it’s important, very important. So here it is: I get so frustrated with how widespread the confusion is between mercy and grace. I’m reading an article on “communities of grace.” It has … Continue reading

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Are You Selling a Car or a Key?

Yesterday a friend and I were reading through Acts together. I got to expounding on Peter’s sermon in Acts 2, and I came up with an illustration I want to tell you about. I was about to write “… that … Continue reading

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Introduction to Authorship in Hebrew Culture

Oh, great. The one day that I accidentally post something, I get a rash of readers immediately in the morning. “Authorship in Hebrew Culture” was not supposed to go up. I set it as “draft” a couple days ago. It’s … Continue reading

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Authorship in Hebrew Culture

This post wasn’t supposed to go up until January. By then, I intended to have written an introduction for it. Somehow. it just went up today. I was horrified, as I thought it was set to “draft,” not Dec. 23. … Continue reading

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Clement of Rome

This post is part of a series of explanations of my Second Century Timeline of Christian history. Not every point well get its own post, but I am at least going to do a post on Clement of Rome and … Continue reading

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Second Century Timeline

I was going to do a part 2 on my introduction to the Second Century Timeline. Restless Pilgrim, who has been a tireless follower of this blog, asked about quotes from Ignatius. He deserves a medal for tolerating me so … Continue reading

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Delays and My Health

I spent the entire day yesterday at Vanderbilt Cancer Center getting the first part of my 2-year post-transplant checkup. It took the whole day, and everything was wonderful: My eyes have not had any Graft-vs-Host (attacks from my immune system) … Continue reading

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Second Century Timeline: Introduction

Whoo hoo! Yeah! This century … will … be … FUN. You know, I try to write this blog the way I would talk in front of an audience. Outside of church, where I and most others in the church … Continue reading

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Daily Passage on Works: Days 44-50

Days 44-50: I’m trying to this a week at at time now rather than every day. 1 Thessalonians 3:5 We told you earlier that you would suffer troubles, just as it came to pass, as you know. For this reason, … Continue reading

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