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A Protestant Way of Thinking

I found a coalition of house churches. They sounded pretty awesome, so I emailed the closest one, which is about an hour and a half away. I like a lot of things they do, but honestly I cannot endure this … Continue reading

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Teachings That Must Not Be Lost: Baptism

The issue of baptism is important in and of itself, but as a topic it is the gold standard for exposing how bizarre our modern approach to the Scriptures is. I will show you that there is no legitimate alternative … Continue reading

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Turning Theology into Spiritual Life

I was asked about harmonizing NT Wright’s “New Perspective on Paul” with the Keswick Convention and Watchman Nee’s “Deeper Life.” How do I reconcile being fond of both? Here’s my answer: I don’t really worry about harmonizing NT Wright and … Continue reading

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St. Augustine on Science and Evolution

Augustine didn’t really write about evolution, since the evolution of all species was not proposed for another 1400 years. It almost sounds like he knew about it, though. In On the Literal Meaning of Genesis (Bk. 6, ch. 5, par. … Continue reading

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Evangelism and World Missions

There is a problem with our emphasis on evangelism. It is not the evangelism that is the problem. It is what we are skipping along the way! When I suggest what is obvious in Scripture, that “the Great Commission” was … Continue reading

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The Church, Part IV: Speaking to One Another

Let’s move from theory to some real practical matters. I want to work with two passages of Scripture today. I’m going to list them, and then I’m just going to refer back to what they say without referencing them a … Continue reading

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The Church, Part III

I had a plan for something much less sloppy in covering teachings that must not be lost. Apparently God did not share the same plans. Maybe by looking at Jesus’ church circumspectly, from several possible angles, we can paint a … Continue reading

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Liturgy and “The Church”

I promise I will get back to teachings that must not be lost, but I’ve been on a trip. I need to get in a blog, and there’s nothing like a good Roman Catholic apologist to stir me up to … Continue reading

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I’m Catholic Now!

It only recently dawned on me that I have been trying to be “catholic” since the time I became a Christian. With a lot of hesitation, I am ready to announce that I … no, we … have arrived. I’ve … Continue reading

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In the Name of Jesus

I have heard several definitions of what it means to pray “in the name of Jesus.” I have heard even more of what it means to baptize in the name of Jesus. I want to suggest that we don’t need … Continue reading

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