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Calvinism, Predestination, and Proper Bible Interpretation

Someone once told me that if I wanted to know if a teaching was true, look at what it asks you to do. If it asks you to do something that Scripture also commands, you can probably trust the teaching. … Continue reading

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Apostolic Succession: Tradition, Apologetics, and Contending for the Truth

Due to working on Christian History for Everyman, I’ve been slow in posting here. I’m working on a page on apostolic succession, however, and it is perfect for a blog entry. The line (uh, here I am quoting myself again) … Continue reading

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Revisiting the Ten Commandments of Catholicism

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog on the ten commandments. There I argued that the Roman Catholic Church (RCC) split “You shall not covet” into two commands in order to draw attention away from the command they omit, … Continue reading

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Scoffing Scholars

Don’t you hate it when someone announces that “all the scholars know” that Christianity isn’t true; they’re just scared to tell us? I hate it, and it’s baloney. A guy named Bart Ehrman has written a book called Jesus, Interrupted, … Continue reading

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