The Leukemia Tapes: 3 Minutes with Shammah

Rather than writing everything, I’m devoting some time to some videos on some basic misunderstandings in modern Christianity. I’m limiting them to 3 minutes or less.

(That explains “3 Minutes with Shammah.” I’m calling them “The Leukemia Tapes” because I’m doing them while at Vanderbilt Cancer Center on chemotherapy for my “rare and unusual” form of acute leukemia.)

So far, I’ve covered Romans 2:4 and the kindness of God leading to repentance. I’ve covered Titus 2 and sound doctrine, which is an extremely important basic idea. Finally, I’ve covered 2 Timothy 2:19 and God’s foundation, which is very related to what sound doctrine really is.

I’ve started with those because modern Christians love to argue that sound doctrine is important, but I think it’s indubitable that they have no idea what the apostles meant by sound doctrine. So we fight and divide over things that would not qualify as sound doctrine to the apostles, but rather would be mere strife about words, empty chatter, and an unhealthy obsession with dissension.

You can see the Titus 2 tape here, and the rest are easily found when you get there.

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