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Final Judgments and False Gospels: A Comment

If Jesus changes our lives, then Christians are holier than non-Christians. We are better than non-Christians, and they need to know that. The lost need some idea that Jesus has the power to help them!!! Continue reading

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Final Judgments and False Gospels

Will the judgment be like many modern Christians describe it? Or will it be like Jesus describes it? When the Son of man shall come in his glory, and all the holy angels with him, then shall he sit upon … Continue reading

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The Power of Zeal for God

J. Lee Grady is an editor for Charisma magazine. To be honest, I can’t imagine thinking highly of a mainstream, charismatic magazine. Grady’s articles, however, are consistently excellent. Continue reading

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Practical, Visible Christianity

Almost all the doctrine we argue is theoretical and cannot be tested. There is nothing practical about our doctrines; there are no ways to see whether they work. Continue reading

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Really Important Things a Christian Should Know

I’ve been promising myself and friends I would upload this list for a few weeks. These are just a random assortment of issues. I’m sure there’s some important ones I’m missing. Feel free to add those in the comments. In … Continue reading

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A Little Politics: Sarah Palin, Targets, and Assassinations

Actually, I want to repent for using "politics" in the title of this post. This post is not about politics; it’s about common sense and not pretending like things are the way they are. We can work on problems, but not if we pretend they’re not there and mandate certain ways of speaking in order to maintain our illusions. Continue reading

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Why I’m Not Catholic: Gandhi and the Truth

Of course, you’ll have to triumph by dying. That’s how Christians do it, you know. Continue reading

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Real Spiritual Battles

I’m not going to get up a post every day in 2011, nor even one each day in January. It was fun pulling that off in December, but sometimes these posts take me a couple hours! Anyway, there was more … Continue reading

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