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Easter, Passover, Resurrection Day? What Is It?

I have read dozens of articles and sections of books that talk about the pagan origins of Easter. What about the Christian origins? From the very earliest times, the apostles’ churches celebrated the Passover each year. We know that there … Continue reading

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Looking for the Kingdom of God

One of the things that has always stood out to me about God is how he takes sides. Me, I honor peace-making in all situations. I’m always looking for a way to reconcile everybody, and I’m very slow to pick … Continue reading

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How to Pick an Excellent Wife

I was at a wedding a couple weeks ago, and something someone said got me to thinking about the qualities of a good wife. If I were to give advice to someone—my sons, for example—about what constitutes a good wife, … Continue reading

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The World’s Worst “Wife Birthday” Card

Today I found the worst “wife birthday” card ever. I was at WalMart (yes, I confess I was shopping at Corporate Evil HQ) for a birthday card for my wife, and I found one that said … Well, I’ll have … Continue reading

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Grant’s Tomb and the Words of God

"Get wisdom. And in all your getting, get understanding." – Proverbs 4:5 Recently I saw a movie called Mr. Deeds Goes to Town. There’s a modern remake, but I saw the 1936 version with Gary Cooper. Really good movie. I … Continue reading

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Making Christian History Exciting and Interesting

This is a shameless, self-promotion of my ebook. It’s a reprint of my Christian History Newsletter. I’m allowing myself to do both because the general reaction to the ebook—It’s a full-fledged 440-page book on the Council of Nicea—has been surprise … Continue reading

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Church or Weekly Speech?

Today, when we stopped for our lunch in the midst of our travels, I watched Dr. Drew on TV. The emphasis here is on “watch.” There was no sound. I was in a restaurant. It was apparent that Dr. Drew … Continue reading

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