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Captain America Christianity

I was talking with my son the other day about some terrible deed done by some person or some character in a movie. I don’t remember which. My son told me, “Only someone completely evil or possessed by a demon … Continue reading

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So today (yesterday by the time you read this) I got stung by believing something that was false. I jumped on a guy who downplayed my complaint about the Roman Catholic practice of enforcing celibacy on their clergy, when Scripture … Continue reading

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My Thoughts on Roman Catholicism

I got a question from a woman who was struggling with the claims of Catholicism. She wrote, “What are your thoughts?” Here’s my thoughts. Are there Christians in Catholicism? Definitely. Some have done so well in obeying our King throughout … Continue reading

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The Kingdom Gospel and Its Influence

For many years I looked for something I dared call “the church”; something I was confident would be the recipient of the promises of God that are made only to “the church.” Perhaps the greatest of the promises I hoped … Continue reading

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Athanasian Creed: A Review

Who am I to “review” the Athanasian Creed? I do not review it on my own authority. I review it on the authority of the teachings of Jesus, the apostles, and of the Christians, churches, and councils that preceded the … Continue reading

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Monkery Business: Martin Luther Faith vs. Works Debate

Anyone want to help me think this through? I have friends so hostile to Martin Luther it might be impossible. I have read a lot about Martin Luther, but I’ve only read a little by Martin Luther. Almost everything I’ve … Continue reading

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Eternally Begotten of the Father

Maybe over the last three days, I’ve complicated things too much. Maybe the simplest way to get modern Trinitarians to understand the early churches’ definition of the Trinity is get them to acknowledge that the Son was begotten, not just … Continue reading

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Rinse and Repeat

Originally posted on Growing Forward:
1. False god promises greater joy through disobedience to God. 2. Person believes the lie. 3. Real life happens. 4. False god’s lie is exposed for what it really is. Rinse and repeat.

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Jesus: God of the Old Testament?

Is Jesus Yahweh, God of the nation of Israel? I cannot definitively say that it is the view of the early churches that it was the Son of God, the divine Logos [Word], that interacted with Israel as their God, … Continue reading

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God in the Plural?

Is God plural? You will not understand the answer to that question if you don’t read yesterday’s post, “The Early Christian Definition of the Trinity.” If you don’t want to read two of my posts today, yesterday’s is more important … Continue reading

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