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Do Doctrine and History Matter?

That’s what family does, and no family should do it better than the family of God. Continue reading

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Apostolic Succession, Unity, and What Really Matters

We’ve tried asking an entire continent to submit to the elders and bishops who had apostolic succession. That experiment went on for centuries. It’s known as “The Dark Ages.” Continue reading

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Knowing the Will of God

So you want to know the will of God for your life. A friend and mentor once told me that it is the job of a parent to make his or her will known to a child. It’s not the … Continue reading

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The Power of the Church: Never Be Lonely Again

I was reading The Scandal of the Evangelical Conscience again this morning. Scandal documents the terrible testimony that we Christians are giving to the western world. The book is important. It will do us no good to pretend that there … Continue reading

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Interesting Odds and Ends in Auburn

Here’s a couple things you may find interesting. Thanksgiving Turkey a Couple Days Early Yesterday, I had to go to an RV repair place. As I left their office, I saw this: In case you can’t see it well enough. … Continue reading

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Kenya Kingdom Hikers: Something To Get Excited About

Missionaries are awesome. Thank God for every one God has called, from Paul and Barnabas to ones that are leaving today. What every missionary wants, however, is something more than someone coming from a foreign country to preach the Gospel. … Continue reading

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Who Invented the Internet? A Word from the Real Inventor

Scientific American has an article by the guy who really did invent the world wide web: Tim Berners-Lee. He says the freedom of the internet needs to be defended, and he has some pretty interesting thoughts, especially if you’re "techie" … Continue reading

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Healing Testimony

I thought y’all would like to hear this story … I met a guy here named Todd. When I met him, he was wearing shorts and was missing a very noticeable chunk out his calf. I asked him about it, … Continue reading

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Slip Sliding Away

Brilliant, huh? Breaking the RV: The Earthly Stuff It has been raining here in Auburn, but we needed to take the RV to the RV park and empty the holding tanks. I should have learned my lesson when we were … Continue reading

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Yeah, I Won Over a Million Bucks!

I got a letter from Google Incorporation in London saying that I won a drawing that I never entered! "Wherein your email address emerged as one of the online Winning (sic) emails in the 2nd category and therefore attracted a … Continue reading

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