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The Lord’s Portion [of the Nations] Is Israel

I showed a brother a verse yesterday that I find fascinating, and he was surprised by it. He’s been a Christian for 40 years, and he didn’t know about it. Why? Because it only reads the way I read it … Continue reading

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The Trinity in History

I’m frustrated one more time by the ridiculous claim that the churches couldn’t decide on a proper description of the Trinity until the Council of Nicea. It’s one thing when modern gnostics or those deceived by them invent history and … Continue reading

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Americans Want Reliable History

A Digital Journas article says that a “Poll Shows American Moviegoers Demand Historically Accurate Portrayal in Biblically-Themed Films.” Honestly, I doubt that, but that’s not the point of citing the article. The article is about a new movie being released … Continue reading

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On the Petrine Primacy

I’m sending you to another post from Mr. Theophiletos. This post is more on the subject of Peter than the pope, but it touches on the pope, of course. I’m reposting because I find it an excellent example of thinking … Continue reading

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The Argument from (Dis-)Similarity

Originally posted on Finite Reflections of Infinity:
Will the real Church please stand up?  Go to a phone directory of any moderately sized settlement and see if the listings for “churches” don’t rapidly get bewildering.  Indeed, such an exercise is often…

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Q&A: When Did The Roman Catholic Church First Claim Peter’s Primacy?

“When did the RCC begin to claim that Peter was the first pope of Rome?” Cyprian and 80+ overseers that met with him at the Council of Carthage discussed Stephen’s claim to be the bishop over all bishops. They rejected … Continue reading

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The “Trinity” in the Gospel of John

The Holy Spirit is mentioned a lot in Scripture, but there is very little description (or none?) of how he is distinct from the Father or Son or really anything about him the way the Father and Son are described. … Continue reading

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The Trinity and Nicea

Someone wrote me claiming that Theodosius I forced the whole Roman empire to believe in the Trinity doctrine in 381. He suggested a book, but the synopsis on Amazon was so bad there is no way I am going to … Continue reading

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Easter is Passover, not Resurrection Sunday

The only annual feast that the apostles’ churches kept, as far as I can tell, is Passover. Over time, that has become Easter. I won’t concern myself with how it got to be Easter, whether there were pagan origins, etc. … Continue reading

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Christian History that Matters

I got asked today about writing a book on church history. The idea behind the request is a good one, but this morning I thought I wouldn’t have time for years. How I underestimate the internet! My blog is not … Continue reading

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