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The Three Most Important Chapters in the Bible

A friend of mine likes to say, “Salvation is not a plan, it’s a man.” Our faith is not to be in something Jesus has done, but in Jesus himself, the Savior of the world. But what does it mean … Continue reading

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I repent …

… for ever thinking that God cares about cussing. Don’t get me wrong. There are more important things for me to repent for, and I’m doing that the best I know how. And cussing is childish, inconsiderate, and indicates either … Continue reading

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Book Teaser: The Council of Nicea and the Trinity

In all the studies of the Trinity that have been published since the printing press has been invented, is it really true that no one has noticed that the Nicene Creed calls the Father the one God and we don’t? Did they really never run across Tertullian’s explanation of the reason for that? Continue reading

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What Are the Implications of an Old Earth for Christians?

I really love our God, and I believe he’s way stronger than our ideas. He can take care of us even while we enjoy searching out the truth. Those who seek find. He doesn’t give snakes to children who ask for eggs. Let us not be “ye of little faith,” but let us address him as Father and trust him as children. Continue reading

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Early Christianity, Organic Christianity, and the Rise of the Catholic Church

This post will probably only interest you if you’re a friend of mine and like listening to me already, or if you have an avid interest in early Christianity and how the church became the miserable mess that it became … Continue reading

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Jesus Never Claimed To Be God

I guess they’re also like many (most?) Christians, who say glowing, worshipful things about the Bible, but who don’t actually read it, do what it says, or even believe the things it teaches. Continue reading

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Do You Believe in the Church

Five hundred years ago Martin Luther, Ulrich Zwingli, and John Calvin led Europe in rejecting the Roman Catholic Church and its pope as the mouth of God. The problem is, the result has been that Protestants reject any church as being the mouth of God. Continue reading

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