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Sneering, Honesty, and Homosexuality

Is homosexuality inherited or acquired? This New Scientist article is among the most honest I’ve seen. WARNING: 1.) This blog post is not suitable for children. 2.) I’d love to say I outlined this and stayed on topic, but this … Continue reading

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Spiritual Things

I get an email every day from Today I was convicted of forgetting some of the importance of spiritual things. There are many things to which the name of the Lord is being affixed which are being constructed, and … Continue reading

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The Sinner’s Prayer & the Gospel

The “Sinner’s Prayer” has come up a lot for me lately. On Sunday, I was in a “Life Group,” which the other, more long-term members do not hesitate to call Sunday school. We’re going through a book on prayer, and … Continue reading

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Know YE Not?

Today in the shower I got to singing that old charismatic chorus, “Know ye not, know ye not, ye are the temple?” I like singing the song, but most people have no idea what the temple is in 1 Cor. … Continue reading

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A Word in Season

The Lord GOD has given me the tongue of a disciple so that I should know how to speak a word in season to him who is weary. (Is. 50:4) How man times have I heard, have I given, have … Continue reading

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The Grand Results of Living by the Spirit

What benefits I would reap if I could just reject evolution and accept (the evangelical version of) salvation by faith alone! I know how things work in a business. It doesn’t matter what you are getting paid today or what … Continue reading

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Ken Ham vs. Bill Nye Debate

Part I Assessment of the Debate Okay, I’m going to join half the blogging world and comment on the Ham-Nye debate. I think I’ll keep my review of the debate short, but boy, do I have some follow-up! I took … Continue reading

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Evolution Evidences

I think most of my readers know I believe in evolution. I don’t care if you do. My interest is not to convince you that evolution happened. My interest is to convince you to do one of two things: Limit … Continue reading

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The Old, Rugged Cross

I am going to post two VERY unrelated posts today. Here’s the first. I have a lot of sources of fellowship, but at the moment the main one is a house church I am part of. This last week we … Continue reading

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