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Grace Revisited

In modern Christianity, it is common for a "Christian" who has been rebuked to say something to the effect of, "Don’t judge; we’re under grace." That kind of statement is based on a very wrong understanding of grace. The very … Continue reading

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A Bit More on Sacrifices

Yesterday I talked about reconstructing Christianity as the apostles delivered it. The emphasis yesterday was on the role of sacrifices and that only those with a pure heart can offer sacrifices to God. Let’s touch on another example of that, … Continue reading

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Rebuilding Christianity the Way the Apostles Delivered It

If we come boldly into the throne of grace, holding sin in our heart, without crying out for deliverance, we may find ourselves recipients of the mercy of God in a form far different than we expected. Continue reading

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The Master Storyteller

I have come to understand that life is too complex and much too short to let amateurs direct the story. I would rather let the Master Storyteller do the writing. Continue reading

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“Really” Saved

All of us have run across people who say they are saved but are not. In fact, for most "Christians," the teachings of Christ and the apostles play little to no role in their lives. Polls by George Barna confirm … Continue reading

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Innocence vs. Purity Revisited

God’s plan was never innocence; it was incorruptible purity, and that required the loss of innocence. Continue reading

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The New World Order and Government Conspiracies

To me, the easiest way to sort through difficult teachings is to jump to the end and find out what those teachings ask us to do. Continue reading

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