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Jesus’ Demands

I exchanged several emails with an Eastern Orthodox believer, I don’t know which branch, and in the midst of it I talked about how many “ancient church” members never think about or consider Jesus’ demand of his disciples: “Deny yourself, … Continue reading

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Penal Substitution

I wrote a page on “penal substition” or the “substitutionary atonement” at However, because of the nature of my site, Christian History for Everyman, I included an exposition of the atonement from my perspective, which I hope was an … Continue reading

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Yeah, But …

My father-in-law has started sending out a “verse of the day” by email that is usually closer to a chapter a day. I wrote him and told him it was really good. Today, I got a good picture of why … Continue reading

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Authority of the Apostles in the Early Church

No written blog today. I wanted to share this video. This is a relatively comprehensive look at the early Christian understanding of the role and authority of the apostles, the source of the Scriptures, the role of tradition, the preservation … Continue reading

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Revisiting Grace

I don’t mind revisiting the word “grace” as many times as necessary until it’s understood accurately in the mind of as many people as I can explain it to. “Grace” may be the most wonderful word in the Bible besides … Continue reading

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Rev. Louie Giglio

Anti-gay pastor Louie Giglio has decided not to speak at President Obama’s inauguration. That’s polite. I agree with his decision. What I wonder about is how you felt about my reference to Rev. Giglio as anti-gay. (And in some other … Continue reading

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The Eucharist and the Real Presence

I have never written, nor even attempted to write, a web page on the Eucharist (communion or Lord’s supper) in early Christian history. That is because I find the early Christian statements about the Eucharist to be too loose to … Continue reading

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