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But you …

Late in his life, Paul wrote letters to Timothy and Titus. These are probably some of the last instructions Paul would give. What did he focus on with Timothy and Titus? One way to see his focus is to read … Continue reading

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1 Timothy: Introduction

I don’t know if God is going to let me write that post on counterfeit churches. I’m not sure what attitude of mine he wants me to change, but when I find out, I’ll write it for you. Until then, … Continue reading

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The Pastoral Epistles: Were Timothy and Titus Pastors?

I guess this must be controversial. Years ago, I was talking to a customer in my Christian bookstore, and I began to point out the obvious, which is that Timothy and Titus were not pastors. It took the man a … Continue reading

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Confused About Christianity?: Titus 2, Real Christianity, and the Pastoral Epistles

Confused about Christianity? Let’s wipe out all the confusion in one blog post. Yes, deliverance from all the competing doctrines of Christianity, and a straightforward, you-will-agree-with-this, Biblical description of the Gospel. Are you ready? Titus 2:1-10: Sifting Down to Sound … Continue reading

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