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Religious Arguments

Today I got an email from someone that left no return address. It was about gnosticism, a deviation from early Christianity that is enjoying a bit of a revival today, but not in its original form. (Click the link to … Continue reading

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Stopping To Smell the Flowers

Thank God for wonderful, incredible, influential people like Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, and even Martin Luther. They stood in them middle of the way and cried out for truth, even when people were purposely trying to run them over. … Continue reading

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Love Wins by Rob Bell

I’ve been reading Love Wins by Rob Bell. I’m 89% done (percentage courtesy of Kindle). ***I wrote this a week ago; I’m finished with the book now.*** Originally I was not going to blog about it. After all, a thousand … Continue reading

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Electronic Church?

I read a very interesting paragraph in a blog by Lisa Miller, former religion editor of Newsweek. “When Bible study can be done on Facebook as easily as in the church basement, and a favorite preacher can teach lessons via … Continue reading

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God’s Righteousness

I was quoted last night. One of the elders told the church here that I had said that we should not pursue righteousness. Everyone was nodding. No one minded. Let me tell you why. There is a useless righteousness. The … Continue reading

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