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Following God: The Made Hard Way

Today I saw a book advertised at Christian Book Distributors called Following God: The Made Easy Handbook. Wouldn’t that be great, I thought. Following God made easy. I could sure use a book like that. Unfortunately, the person who made … Continue reading

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Odds ‘n Ends and the “Pastoral” Epistles

One of the things I’ve always found irritating is when Bible translators hide things from us. I remember the shock I got when I decided to research the Seraphim of Isaiah 6. Amazingly enough, the Hebrew word “seraphim” is used … Continue reading

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Knowing What You Believe

Recently I bought an Old Testament Survey on clearance from “Surveys” give the background, culture, and other details of the books of the Bible. I’ve never read one before, but I’ve been intrigued ever since Noah told me some … Continue reading

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