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Rev. Louie Giglio

Anti-gay pastor Louie Giglio has decided not to speak at President Obama’s inauguration. That’s polite. I agree with his decision. What I wonder about is how you felt about my reference to Rev. Giglio as anti-gay. (And in some other … Continue reading

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Who Invented the Internet? A Word from the Real Inventor

Scientific American has an article by the guy who really did invent the world wide web: Tim Berners-Lee. He says the freedom of the internet needs to be defended, and he has some pretty interesting thoughts, especially if you’re "techie" … Continue reading

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Slip Sliding Away

Brilliant, huh? Breaking the RV: The Earthly Stuff It has been raining here in Auburn, but we needed to take the RV to the RV park and empty the holding tanks. I should have learned my lesson when we were … Continue reading

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Catching Up …

I haven’t written a blog post here in almost 3 weeks. It’s not from lack of things to write about. Quite the opposite. There’s been LOTS to write about, but I’ve been so busy doing it that I haven’t been … Continue reading

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Back from Kenya

Well, I’m back from Kenya, Uganda, and England. If there’s anything I’ve learned it’s how desperately the message of the church is needed. God constantly teaches the church, and the world is in desperate need of what he’s taught it. … Continue reading

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Reaching the World

I am sitting in a hotel room in Kenya. Why am I here? I am here to preach the Gospel to the longing masses of Kenya. Just yesterday I heard a woman announce loudly with great zeal and joy, “Until … Continue reading

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Fascinating Bits of Information

I don’t normally write about politics or the war in Iraq, but I couldn’t pass this one up. At least one person knew, with the accuracy of a prophet, what would happen if we entered Iraq to overthrow Sadam Hussein. … Continue reading

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Well, I appear to have at least found my way to my blog page. Of course, for right now this means leaving behind all those other posts I wrote at Those posts are not just little notes, but some … Continue reading

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