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Most of this post is from an email I sent today. All the personal information has been removed except what applies to me. I hope that it is personal enough to be moving to you spiritually. When I was young, … Continue reading

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The Power of Almost True

This post is in reference to this article, published in the Huffington post. Bernard Starr, the author, claims that the Catholics suppressed the reading of the Bible because they did not want individual members to see just how Jewish the … Continue reading

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The Gospel of Salvation?

Someone told me that had some great articles this month. I agree, it did. One of them inspired yesterday’s post. Today, though, I want to disagree with one, or at least make it more direct. The article is called … Continue reading

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The War on the Flesh

It has dawned on me after more than 30 years of walking with the Lord that we may not need to dig so deep into the word “flesh,” attempting to translate it as “sinful nature” or interpret it in some … Continue reading

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Premarital Sex and the Commands of God

I really just want to share this article from It talks about the premarital sex has on the brain. The best reason for avoiding illicit sex is that Jesus told us to. However, I think it’s nice to have … Continue reading

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