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Talkin’ to the Devil

There’s something about respect, even when it’s given to a terrible and evil opponent like the devil. Continue reading

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The Other Birth Story

So let’s pretend that we’re early Christians, in the apostles’ churches, who don’t know yet that we’re not allowed to believe that Proverbs 8 is about Jesus, and let’s get all the joy out of it we can … Continue reading

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Too Lazy to Reason, Part III: Liars

There are many thousands of self-appointed apologists for these doctrines that pretend to be researching the subject. The problem is, they’re lying.
Continue reading

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Too Lazy to Reason, Part II

So, if you get your tradition from a good source, a source that bears good fruit, then you’re okay. You don’t have to do all that research. You can let them do it for you, and you can trust them. Continue reading

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Too Lazy to Reason, Part I

I don’t know if you’ve thought about why most of us don’t keep the Sabbath, but keeping the Sabbath is, after all, one of the ten commandments. Continue reading

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Getting Ready for Xmas, 2011

I know Christians usually don’t like the use of Xmas. They feel like Jesus is being x’d out of the holiday. For the record, the use of Xmas was an attempt to abbreviate Christmas that I find interesting. X represents … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!

It’s an unanswerable miracle that we even know that day happened; never mind whether we know the exact day of the year it happened on–or even that we don’t know the exact year. Continue reading

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Imperative-Indicative and Performance-Acceptance

Give them time, give them love, give them rebuke, give them forgiveness, promise them rewards (real ones, not made-up ones); do whatever you have to do, but help them live for Jesus, and pay the price of suffering and time to help it happen. Continue reading

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On Dealing with Insecurities, Part 2

So many men are just that way. They growl their way past their insecurities, unable to love lest they look bad while loving. Continue reading

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On Dealing with Mental Illness

The answer God has given me is to ignore all those thoughts and feelings. Who cares if I’m insecure, shaken by circumstances, and my feelings are driven around by what others think about me? My job is to ignore all that and get about my business serving God. I’m too busy to spend time fixing inadequacies that are impossible to fix, anyway. Continue reading

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