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Embracing the Cross

I’ve been being tenderized in a heartbreaking manner by awesome people I’ve met in Memphis. They haven’t said anything to me. I have just watched them. The fact is, on many days, especially writing on this blog, I wrestle with … Continue reading

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Finding a Church: The Radical Way

Are you wondering what church to join? Here is a no-holds-barred discussion of what God has to say on the subject. Continue reading

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Repeating History

Sorry for being missing in action. I played a charity softball game, and our softball team was in serious need of charity. We were old, slow, and out of practice, so we were out in the field for the first … Continue reading

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The Argument from (Dis-)Similarity

Originally posted on Finite Reflections of Infinity:
Will the real Church please stand up?  Go to a phone directory of any moderately sized settlement and see if the listings for “churches” don’t rapidly get bewildering.  Indeed, such an exercise is often…

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Divorce and Remarriage in the Church

There is a strong and growing voice against divorce and remarriage in the United States. The case that Jesus, the apostles, and the early churches all forbad remarriage after a divorce is strong. I won’t bother making a case because … Continue reading

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The Cost of Church Life

I found this tract as I was clearing out old files because of an office move. I know the author, so I got permission to publish it with all references to his church removed. Church life is what it is. … Continue reading

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Leukemia in the Body of Christ

I apparently stopped being notified by email of comments on this blog. I had a couple that sat for a few days before being approved. Sorry. This is an email I wrote to someone. This is now in the “thinking … Continue reading

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Real Spiritual Battles

I’m not going to get up a post every day in 2011, nor even one each day in January. It was fun pulling that off in December, but sometimes these posts take me a couple hours! Anyway, there was more … Continue reading

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