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On Leukemia and the Grace of God: A Short Comment

From a note to my aunt: God’s really given me grace for this, and he’s even given my wife and kids grace. The problem is, he’s not giving all my relatives grace, and I’m finding I have to share the … Continue reading

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Yippee! I Have Leukemia!

As I write this on June 25, I only have a preliminary diagnosis from my family doctor of Leukemia. It’s Saturday, and I have an appointment with the cancer center in Corinth, MS on Monday to confirm the diagnosis and … Continue reading

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Roman Catholicism and the Bible

The last post, dealing with the Nephilim of Genesis 6, ended up touching on both the creation story and on modern doctrines versus the early traditions of the church. By the way, someone sent me a link free online translation … Continue reading

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A Neat (and Biblical and Traditional) Story About Where Demons Came From

You really need to read the previous post so you’re caught up on why I’m telling you a story from the Book of Enoch and claiming it’s Biblical and historical. (But don’t tell anyone I told you because the stuff … Continue reading

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The Nephilim, the Book of Enoch, Honesty, and Fear

One more of the questions that was asked of John Lennox today (June 18; I’m scheduling these posts 2 days apart) was who the Nephilim were. Nephilim is the Hebrew word translated "giants" in Genesis 6:4. These Nephilim were the … Continue reading

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Evolution and Romans 5:12

I just got back from a question and answer session with John Lennox at the Creation Conference here in Birmingham. Among the many questions he was asked, there was a question about Romans 5:12: Therefore, just as by one man … Continue reading

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Richard Dawkins’ Most Important Concession?

Before I go on with discussing evolution and the inspiration of the Scriptures, I have to pass on this quote from Richard Dawkins, the famed atheist and author of the God delusion: I think that when you consider the beauty … Continue reading

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Evolution, Creation, and the Glory of God

I’m at a creation conference that was supposed to present 3 different views of creation that are in vogue among committed Christians: Young earth creationism: The earth was created 6 to 10 thousand years ago in 6 literal days, presented … Continue reading

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Doesn’t It Feel Great To Know What You’re Talking About?

I got an email the other day from a guy who’s been debating the Jehovah’s Witnesses about the deity of Christ. Because modern Christians generally have never even heard about what the early churches believed about the Trinity (almost none, … Continue reading

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Sola Scriptura, Tradition, and Bible Interpretation

The idea for this post, the framework for yesterday’s post, and a couple quotes today come from Contra Sola Scriptura by an Orthodox believer. Tradition and the Ancient Churches Most of us, when we hear a Roman Catholic use the … Continue reading

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