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Some Beginning Articles on the Church

For some reason, I ended up on the subject of church life on my new site. It took a while to pull all three of these posts together, even though one was once previously written on this blog. That article, … Continue reading

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Keeping Track of Miracles

Because of the sorts of things I do online, I end up running across atheist arguments or in debates with atheists, at least occasionally. It can be amazing how confident they are that Christians’ prayers don’t get answered. I’m so … Continue reading

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What It Takes To Be a Missionary

Of course these things come in handy and you do need a solid relationship with God to sustain you in tough situations, but the needs of people are very basic. If you can love all the time, which isn’t always easy, that is pretty much all you need. Continue reading

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When It’s Good To Feel Bad

I don’t know how your Christian walk has been, but in mine I’ve found myself having to overthrow parts of my personality regularly. Right now, I’ve having to overthrow the part of my personality that doesn’t want others to feel … Continue reading

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The Book of Acts Today

I already wrote a blog this morning. I’m going to write another, anyway. I got a newsletter from Gospel for Asia, and I loved reading their first story. They trained a man named Joseph Rao in India for three years, … Continue reading

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