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Lymphoma Update

I am going to copy this post to my Yippee! I Have Leukemia! blog. It is no longer up to date because I don’t have leukemia anymore. I’m cured. The immunosuppression that I endure to keep my transplanted immune system … Continue reading

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Why You Get Pushed Around and Why You’ll Miss Out If You Let it Happen

This is a defense of Rose Creek Village … sort of. It’s not about Rose Creek Village. It’s about you. I’ve heard, recently, several people complain about some friends of mine—leaders at Rose Creek Village—who are intimidating. I agree they’re … Continue reading

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Healing Testimony

I thought y’all would like to hear this story … I met a guy here named Todd. When I met him, he was wearing shorts and was missing a very noticeable chunk out his calf. I asked him about it, … Continue reading

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Slip Sliding Away

Brilliant, huh? Breaking the RV: The Earthly Stuff It has been raining here in Auburn, but we needed to take the RV to the RV park and empty the holding tanks. I should have learned my lesson when we were … Continue reading

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God on a Daily Basis

Atheists hate it when I tell stories like that. I’ve been called stupid and naive, and stories like this have been called asenine and pointless. Continue reading

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Why I Believe in God

This morning I asked him to let me rest and to give me the word he wants to speak; I’m not going to worry about the "me" parts of it. All of a sudden it’s he’s giving me stuff in a rush … pretty exciting. Continue reading

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Back Surgery and the Help of God

This is not meant to be a blog about my personal life, but … Yesterday my wife had back surgery for a bulging disk. It was huge; 18 mm, for those that have an idea of what that is. The … Continue reading

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The Book of Acts Today

I already wrote a blog this morning. I’m going to write another, anyway. I got a newsletter from Gospel for Asia, and I loved reading their first story. They trained a man named Joseph Rao in India for three years, … Continue reading

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Why Believe? Did Jesus Really Rise from the Dead?

I heard a song on the radio announce that Jesus had conquered the grave. Did he really? That’s an extraordinary claim, don’t you think? Do we really believe that a man got up out of the grave and never entered … Continue reading

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Answer to Prayer

Actually, this is an answer to a prayer that wasn’t even prayed. Sometimes he answers before we even call on him. One of the school projects for our Jr. High boys was to build a windmill and learn about power … Continue reading

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