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Commenting on the Bible

I’d like to direct those of you who read this to the commentary section of my Rest of the Old, Old Story site. I’m going to start updating it, beginning with the things found in today’s blog on Jeremiah 6. … Continue reading

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The Proof Is in the Pudding: Jesus Approves the Scientific Method

It is a basic premise of the scientific method that you need to prove what you believe. When Albert Einstein suggested that massive objects can exert enough gravitational pull to bend space, he had to prove it. The way he … Continue reading

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Early Christianity: Do I Have Any Advice?

Someone wrote me telling me that they’re reading the early Christian writings, including David Bercot’s Writings. Then he asked me if I have any advice. For those that want to live the life that the apostles and early Christians lived, … Continue reading

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When Protestants Become Catholic: Are the Church Fathers a Danger to Born Again Christians?

Today I read another article about a Protestant becoming Catholic through the reading of the early church fathers. Is this really where the writings of the church fathers lead? I’ve been reading the writings of the 2nd through 4th century … Continue reading

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Lights to Rule the Day and Night

Genesis 1:14-19 describes the creation of the sun, moon, and stars on the 4th day. Think about that sentence a moment. What sort of days happen without the sun, moon, or stars? Can we really be discussing 24-hour days,  whether … Continue reading

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Genesis One, Day Three: Edible Vegetation – Grass, Herbs, and Fruit

I’ve taken a couple days to address day three of creation because it stumped me for a while. “Hmm,” I thought, “Maybe day 3 really is just about saying God created dry land and plants.” I really didn’t believe it, … Continue reading

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Genesis One: The Waters Above and the Waters Below

I was really having a hard time getting anything out of day 2 of creation. Maybe Answers in Genesis can deal with the science of having water above the firmament which holds the sun, moon, and stars, but I can’t. … Continue reading

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Light and Darkness

I started back through Genesis today, and I decided to really devote myself to the principles of Scripture interpretation that I talk about all the time. It made for a very short but very pleasant reading of only a part … Continue reading

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