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Born-Again Bible Reading: A Thought for Discussion

Parsimony destroys the entire fundamentalist system. It rips their most important doctrines to shreds. Continue reading

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Commenting on the Psalms

I love the Psalms. Sometimes I’m scared to start reading them because I can get so caught up in the message of just one Psalm. It’s amazing the truths that are laying there, just under the surface, for the person … Continue reading

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Answered Prayer Revisited

This morning my warehouse manager, Dean, came in to tell me that his mom had just called from Sacramento shouting, "I’m healed, I’m healed." A few weeks ago, a set of shelves (installed by her and her husband) fell off … Continue reading

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The Righteousness of God

I’ve named several posts the Righteousness of God (I think). How could I describe the righteousness of God in one post? In fact, how could I describe the righteousness of God at all? In the end, the righteousness of God … Continue reading

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