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Accidental Series on the Church, Part IV

I really didn’t mean to be writing a series on the church, but here goes part IV. Most attempts at starting house churches/simple churches/”the” church don’t go anywhere. That’s acknowledged in most of Gene Edwards’ books. I’m not sure about … Continue reading

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Which Church?

This post is the 3rd part of a 3-part series I didn’t mean to write. Better read the previous two posts. Both of them are dated today, too. So, here’s part 3: Which Church? I keep talking about the church, … Continue reading

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The Church

You might want to read the previous post before you read this one. I just finished it a moment ago. It’s so important for Christians today to find out that Christianity is not meant to be an individual religion! The … Continue reading

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Romans 7 and Romans 8

Romans 7 and Romans 8, do Christians really understand those two chapters of the Bible? Recently a number of members of Rose Creek Village went to a “Jesus Radicals” conference. As odd as it may sound, the Jesus Radicals conference … Continue reading

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