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Genes Control Behavior?

I don’t have time for a real post, so here’s a quickie. Here’s an article on genes and behavior that makes a point I’m convinced from experience is true: Behavior can be changed; it is not merely controlled by genes. … Continue reading

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Conflict Resolution

I really like A-B-C sort of teachings. I like to look at a couple Scriptures, point out what they clearly say, and apply them to us as Christians. I feel very secure doing that. I also like to be able … Continue reading

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Where I’ve Been

I haven’t had much time to write lately. This is only the 2nd post in about 4 weeks. I’m in the process of moving to California—temporarily—to preach the Gospel and to help a couple families learn to live it despite … Continue reading

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Truth and Error, The Fall of the Church, and the Fathers

Well, it’s been a while; over 2 weeks. So this will lightly touch on several subjects. Email Rumors: Taking Things With a Grain of Salt I had an email forwarded to me titled "Interesting Facts." It read: This October has … Continue reading

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