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Through the Bible: Matthew 2:13-18, A Spiritual Bible

We are going through Tatian’s Diatessaron, a second-century harmony of the Gospels. We are on Section III. Today’s post goes through Matthew 2:13-18. The Bible and Inspiration When [the wise men] had departed, the messenger of the Lord appeared in … Continue reading

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For the Sake of Learning: War and Mankind

I have to pass on a very interesting article from Scientific American. That article has some very interesting thoughts, backed up with some things we know about tribal societies, about why men engage in war. Those things are worth thinking … Continue reading

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Genes Control Behavior?

I don’t have time for a real post, so here’s a quickie. Here’s an article on genes and behavior that makes a point I’m convinced from experience is true: Behavior can be changed; it is not merely controlled by genes. … Continue reading

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Revisiting Relative Humidity Versus Dew Point

Here’s an easier version of yesterday’s post. The Facts on Relative Humidity vs. Dew Point Relative humidity doesn’t tell you anything. That percentage of humidity you hear on the news every day is worthless. Dew point is a much better … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Charles Darwin

I would be remiss not to honor Charles Darwin, whom I believe to be a truly great man, on the 200th anniversary of his birth. I among those who have actually read On the Origin of Species, his ground-breaking—and breath-taking—work on origins, … Continue reading

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