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The Church and the Work

That’s the church. That makes all the difference.

“That” is unimaginably hard. Continue reading

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A Gift from God

What is hard today, when all you see is denying yourself, will eventually yield the peaceable fruits of righteousness–and righteousness looks a lot like love, friendship, mercy, and joy. Continue reading

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Balaam and Bible Interpretation

I talked about a symbolic form of interpretation described by Origen, the great 3rd century theologian from Alexandria, Egypt. But what I talked about, Britt Mooney recently put into practice. Continue reading

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God on a Daily Basis

Atheists hate it when I tell stories like that. I’ve been called stupid and naive, and stories like this have been called asenine and pointless. Continue reading

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Why I Believe in God

This morning I asked him to let me rest and to give me the word he wants to speak; I’m not going to worry about the "me" parts of it. All of a sudden it’s he’s giving me stuff in a rush … pretty exciting. Continue reading

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The True Sacrifices of God

So why doesn’t God want another young bull or even a single male goat from the Israelites? There’s actually two reasons … but we modern Christians have adopted one particular error that stops us from noticing one of those reasons. Continue reading

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Blind Faith and the Age of Reason

I’m not a believer in blind faith. I think blind faith is stupid and dangerous. Continue reading

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