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What Is the Word of God?

We tend to use the phrase “the Word of God” interechangeably with “the Bible.” There are several problems with this: 1. The Bible does not do it You will find places where Scripture is quoted, and then the writer will … Continue reading

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What Are the Implications of an Old Earth for Christians?

I really love our God, and I believe he’s way stronger than our ideas. He can take care of us even while we enjoy searching out the truth. Those who seek find. He doesn’t give snakes to children who ask for eggs. Let us not be “ye of little faith,” but let us address him as Father and trust him as children. Continue reading

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Jesus Never Claimed To Be God

I guess they’re also like many (most?) Christians, who say glowing, worshipful things about the Bible, but who don’t actually read it, do what it says, or even believe the things it teaches. Continue reading

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Why I’m Not Catholic: Gandhi and the Truth

Of course, you’ll have to triumph by dying. That’s how Christians do it, you know. Continue reading

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How Do You Minister to a Homeless Person

I have several posts I really need to get on this blog, but I have a lot of other things to do today instead. Sad … So I just want to send you to an awesome blog post I read … Continue reading

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Obstacles to Christian Unity

Jesus prayed that we would be perfectly one so that the world would know the Father sent him (Jn. 17:22). Paul said that division is a work of the flesh (Gal 5:19-21). Actually he said that denominations are a work … Continue reading

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Try Jesus

Note: comments are enabled again; I found a better filter.  Today we passed a church marquis that read, “For a happier year, try Jesus in 2009.” I understand the mentality that wants to ask people to try Jesus, but something … Continue reading

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Surprised by Jesus

I’m borrowing a title from David Servant’s “eteaching.” I figure it’s okay because he’s a Christian and I’m fixing to plug his web site and ministry. You can find their site at http://www.heavensfamily.org. Their ministry is awesome, directed at helping … Continue reading

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