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Amazing Grace

The song Amazing Grace was written by John Newton, an ex-slaver who repented. It’s easy to think that the amazing part of grace is that God forgave him for his horrible past. This isn’t true, however. What do you call … Continue reading

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Theme Change

I changed the theme on this blog. Let me know if you like it or not by clicking the comment link above. (It gives the number of comments, but it’s a link.)

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Okay, I borrowed someone’s word, but since I’m going to give them a rousing advertisement, I think it will be okay. You can find The Rebelution at (don’t forget the “the” if you intend to memorize that for later). … Continue reading

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The Pope and Apostolic Succession in the Early Church

I put a teaching on the pope in the early church up on youtube. I can only load videos up to ten minutes long, so it’s in five parts. I also just finished editing a teaching on apostolic succession, kind … Continue reading

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Bible Commentary

Today I started a twice a week Bible study at the wonderful hour of 5:30 a.m. for just half an hour. There was just a couple of us this morning. We’re going to go through Paul’s letters. I think I want … Continue reading

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The Creed of Nicea

Okay, I’m posting this right away after my last blog, so you probably haven’t seen the previous one yet. If you have the time, make sure you read it, though this one can be read by itself, too. It’s not really … Continue reading

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The Bible and the Church

Well, I’m still reading A High View of Scripture? by Craig Allert, and I’m still it in random order.I’m in the middle of the third chapter, but I’ve read the end and beginning of it already. He brings up a very … Continue reading

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The Canon and the Crowbar

First, let me remind any who read this and don’t know that I also have a web site at Rose Creek Village’s home page is We are having a “writers guild” meeting on Oct. 14, and we will … Continue reading

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