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How the Church Was One: The Only True Source of Unity

The early churches were united as God’s family. Jesus was Lord and the Father was, well, the Father of the family. The one thing to do in that family was to love and obey the Father through the Lordship of … Continue reading

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Obama Tricked Me!

Al Francken’s book Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them makes a point about how he was fooled into supporting the Iraq war by George Bush. Boy, was he mad about that, and rightfully so. I was tricked into … Continue reading

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The Grand Results of Living by the Spirit

What benefits I would reap if I could just reject evolution and accept (the evangelical version of) salvation by faith alone! I know how things work in a business. It doesn’t matter what you are getting paid today or what … Continue reading

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Division and Heresy

In the last post I discussed baptism in Jesus’ name. I mentioned that those who deny the Trinity are the ones who normally bring this up. Their belief is that God is only one person. To them, Jesus is the … Continue reading

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Religious Arguments

Today I got an email from someone that left no return address. It was about gnosticism, a deviation from early Christianity that is enjoying a bit of a revival today, but not in its original form. (Click the link to … Continue reading

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Denominations and Going to Hell

Sorry for the purposely shocking title. You can decide for yourself whether it’s accurate. I’m always surprised that no one ever talks about the fact that Galatians 5:19-21 says that those who "practice" denominations will not inherit the kingdom of … Continue reading

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The Councils, the Creeds, and the Salvation of Souls

I always say there’s nothing like reading error to motivate one to write truth. I’m prone to writing error here and there, too. I’m human. I have things I don’t understand. I have things I forget to consider. Teaching and … Continue reading

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