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My Thoughts on Roman Catholicism

I got a question from a woman who was struggling with the claims of Catholicism. She wrote, “What are your thoughts?” Here’s my thoughts. Are there Christians in Catholicism? Definitely. Some have done so well in obeying our King throughout … Continue reading

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Christian History in a Nutshell

Ready? Let’s go! The apostles formed churches. Those churches formed churches. These churches had no leadership higher than the local city or town. Nonetheless, they were taught to carefully preserve the apostles’ teaching. Over time, as the churches grew, some … Continue reading

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Perspective Today I watched the movie, The Hobbit. It gave me a new perspective on perspective. Before I watched the related movie, The Lord of the Rings, I read a quote from the director, Peter Jackson. He said that whenever … Continue reading

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Who Was the First Pope?

Today I was asked: When did the Roman Catholic church appear as it is today? Here’s my answer: When the Roman Catholic Church appeared “as it is today” depends on what is meant by “as it is today.” The first … Continue reading

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