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Protestant vs. Roman Catholic vs. Orthodox: How Does a Christian Find a Church?

I put the following comment on an article at Conciliar Post, a very interesting interfaith, multi-author blog. My comment is not fully thought out, but I did not fix it because it is meant to prompt discussion at Conciliar Post … Continue reading

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On the Petrine Primacy

I’m sending you to another post from Mr. Theophiletos. This post is more on the subject of Peter than the pope, but it touches on the pope, of course. I’m reposting because I find it an excellent example of thinking … Continue reading

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The Primacy of the Roman Church

Why do I write on Roman Catholicism? Because of claims like these: I still have yet to see a good Protestant response to Irenaeus, who predates Cyprian: “Since, however, it would be very tedious, in such a volume as this, … Continue reading

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Q&A: When Did The Roman Catholic Church First Claim Peter’s Primacy?

“When did the RCC begin to claim that Peter was the first pope of Rome?” Cyprian and 80+ overseers that met with him at the Council of Carthage discussed Stephen’s claim to be the bishop over all bishops. They rejected … Continue reading

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Christian History in a Nutshell

Ready? Let’s go! The apostles formed churches. Those churches formed churches. These churches had no leadership higher than the local city or town. Nonetheless, they were taught to carefully preserve the apostles’ teaching. Over time, as the churches grew, some … Continue reading

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Clement of Rome

This post is part of a series of explanations of my Second Century Timeline of Christian history. Not every point well get its own post, but I am at least going to do a post on Clement of Rome and … Continue reading

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The Apostles and the Rise of the Papacy

I’m going to buy myself some time to work on the early church timeline and the notes on the timeline by posting this related video. The video is an hour long. I try never to do that, but it’s one … Continue reading

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