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Rebuilding the Foundations

I dare to tear down other foundations because what I am building is both biblical and historical. As said, it once was the foundational teaching of all Christian churches. Continue reading

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Early Christianity in a Nutshell

I’ve been looking for a way to describe the Christianity I see in the early church fathers for many years. In the midst of a discussion with a friend, this outline came to me. 1. The Gospel: They preached total … Continue reading

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Why I Quote the Early Christians

The early churches moved forward in unity and holiness. Until we can boast the same things, I am going to assume that our novelties are errors, not improvements. Continue reading

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Roman Catholicism and II

My last post was titled Roman Catholicism and I, so I am naming this sequel “Roman Catholicism and II.” Get it? Funny? No? Okay, well, I couldn’t resist. I’ve never been very good at titles. Anyway, an Orthodox friend of … Continue reading

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Athanasian Creed: A Review

Who am I to “review” the Athanasian Creed? I do not review it on my own authority. I review it on the authority of the teachings of Jesus, the apostles, and of the Christians, churches, and councils that preceded the … Continue reading

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Jesus: God of the Old Testament?

Is Jesus Yahweh, God of the nation of Israel? I cannot definitively say that it is the view of the early churches that it was the Son of God, the divine Logos [Word], that interacted with Israel as their God, … Continue reading

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God in the Plural?

Is God plural? You will not understand the answer to that question if you don’t read yesterday’s post, “The Early Christian Definition of the Trinity.” If you don’t want to read two of my posts today, yesterday’s is more important … Continue reading

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Americans Want Reliable History

A Digital Journas article says that a “Poll Shows American Moviegoers Demand Historically Accurate Portrayal in Biblically-Themed Films.” Honestly, I doubt that, but that’s not the point of citing the article. The article is about a new movie being released … Continue reading

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The “Trinity” in the Gospel of John

The Holy Spirit is mentioned a lot in Scripture, but there is very little description (or none?) of how he is distinct from the Father or Son or really anything about him the way the Father and Son are described. … Continue reading

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The Rise of Roman Catholicism

How and when was there a Roman Catholic Church? Once you know the story of the church, the rise of Roman Catholicism is easy to understand. This is a VERY short version of a one-hour video I put on Youtube. … Continue reading

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