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Far-Fetched Interpretations

In researching how much the Reformers relied on or referenced the early church fathers, I ran across this article on The Old Jamestown Church blog. That particular post defends the Reformation view of salvation by faith alone with citations from … Continue reading

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Questions About Salvation

This is an email I wrote this morning. I think it’s anonymous enough to post publicly. 1. What does “saved” mean to me? “Saved” is a big word that means different things in different context. In Romans 5:9-10 for example, … Continue reading

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The Gospel: Dare We Trust It?

The article, Jesus vs. Paul, by Scot McKnight is, in my opinion, absolutely crucial for modern Evangelicals not only to read … but to understand and hold onto. I found it painfully long and slow to get to the point, … Continue reading

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Righteousness and the Man to Whom God Will Not Impute Sin

I’m going to try a very theological post for those who have struggled with some of the same questions concerning faith and works that I have. Romans 4:6-8 says: David describes the blessedness of the man to whom God imputes … Continue reading

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Harmonization vs. Conflict in the Scripture

In my last post I talked a little about faith verse works. I mentioned that "faith plus works" is not a bad thing in Scripture, but a good thing. It’s only a bad thing in our fundamentalist Protestant tradition. Why … Continue reading

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Roman Catholicism, the Orthodox Churches, and Salvation

This is another email I sent in response to questions that were asked. In addition to the email I was responding to, I have had several recent emails from supporters of the Roman Catholic and Orthodox Churches. Most are unable … Continue reading

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Baptism and the Sinner’s Prayer

This is a response I just sent to someone. There’s nothing personal in it, so I wanted to post this here. I hope there’s something helpful in it: The thing that helped me most with baptism was comparing it to … Continue reading

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Confidence in the Flesh and Knowing Christ

This morning in Bible study a few of us were looking at Galatians 2. Obviously, as we go further in Galatians, we need a good working definition of justification, and we went after that. The Greek word justify is just … Continue reading

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Romans and Romans

We’ve been going through Romans in a Bible study on Tuesday and Thursday mornings before work. It’s pretty neat. I want to talk about some of the things we talk about there–for two reasons. One, they’re radical and life-changing. Two, … Continue reading

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