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Mortal and Venial Sins?

Roman Catholicism distinguishes between mortal sins, which lead to hell, and venial sins, which lead to “temporal punishment.” Is this distinction scriptural? Note: This post is the result of thinking about a recent discussion with “Jon.” He mentioned once that … Continue reading

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Christian History in a Nutshell

Ready? Let’s go! The apostles formed churches. Those churches formed churches. These churches had no leadership higher than the local city or town. Nonetheless, they were taught to carefully preserve the apostles’ teaching. Over time, as the churches grew, some … Continue reading

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Do We Need Apologetics?

This note is added after I finished post. This qualifies as a rant, but I think it as obviously true as many of the rants I have read on the internet. They’re not all true, but many rants are the … Continue reading

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The Roman Catholic Church and the Gospel

I got an email from a Roman Catholic yesterday. It was very nice this time. Most of the vitriolic (um, harsh and negative) letters I receive are from Catholics. This one was very kind. On the other hand, he asked … Continue reading

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The Creed of Nicea

Okay, I’m posting this right away after my last blog, so you probably haven’t seen the previous one yet. If you have the time, make sure you read it, though this one can be read by itself, too. It’s not really … Continue reading

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