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A Christian Perspective in a Divided and Divisive World Where All Lives and Black Lives Matter

My thought is that there is way too much politics infecting our Christian thinking. I know of a guy, though, who has said what I would want to say, but better than I ever could. I can’t condense his words. … Continue reading

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Obama Tricked Me!

Al Francken’s book Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them makes a point about how he was fooled into supporting the Iraq war by George Bush. Boy, was he mad about that, and rightfully so. I was tricked into … Continue reading

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I repent …

… for ever thinking that God cares about cussing. Don’t get me wrong. There are more important things for me to repent for, and I’m doing that the best I know how. And cussing is childish, inconsiderate, and indicates either … Continue reading

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Early Christianity, Organic Christianity, and the Rise of the Catholic Church

This post will probably only interest you if you’re a friend of mine and like listening to me already, or if you have an avid interest in early Christianity and how the church became the miserable mess that it became … Continue reading

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A Little Politics: Sarah Palin, Targets, and Assassinations

Actually, I want to repent for using "politics" in the title of this post. This post is not about politics; it’s about common sense and not pretending like things are the way they are. We can work on problems, but not if we pretend they’re not there and mandate certain ways of speaking in order to maintain our illusions. Continue reading

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For the Sake of Learning: War and Mankind

I have to pass on a very interesting article from Scientific American. That article has some very interesting thoughts, backed up with some things we know about tribal societies, about why men engage in war. Those things are worth thinking … Continue reading

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Health Care Plan, Debate, and My One Request

On the Health Care Plan, have you noticed how no one has talked about doctors and hospitals charging less money? Rose Creek Village has businesses that make a good portion of  their money by working for rich doctors … doctors … Continue reading

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Christians and Liberals

Today I found a news article about the ACLU supporting freedom of Religion … for Christians! Giving credit where credit is due, I found that link at this blog. I have some comments to make about Christians, liberals, and conspiracy … Continue reading

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Romans and Romans

We’ve been going through Romans in a Bible study on Tuesday and Thursday mornings before work. It’s pretty neat. I want to talk about some of the things we talk about there–for two reasons. One, they’re radical and life-changing. Two, … Continue reading

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Fascinating Bits of Information

I don’t normally write about politics or the war in Iraq, but I couldn’t pass this one up. At least one person knew, with the accuracy of a prophet, what would happen if we entered Iraq to overthrow Sadam Hussein. … Continue reading

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