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1 Timothy 3:15: The Church That Is the Pillar and Support of the Truth

Please hear this in the spirit it is intended. I am not condemning Orthodox or Catholic or Protestant believers. I am, however, pointing out the way these organizations get in the way of unity; all of them, including the ones, … Continue reading

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The Origin of the Roman Catholic Church: A Brief History

Someone suggested the Roman Catholic Church began with the Edict of Thessalonica in 380 cherry-picked a quote to prove it. Here is a quick but much more accurate description of the origin of the Roman Catholic Church. The Theodosian Code … Continue reading

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The Roman Catholic Church Changed the Ten Commandments

For some reason I do not think of it much, but the Roman Catholic Church changed the ten commandments. I have to suppose it was to try to hide from their members that bowing down in front of statues is … Continue reading

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Real Church, Francis Chan, and the Roman Catholic Church

This was the newsletter I sent to my Christian-history.org newsletter list:   I was asked yesterday what I thought the best denomination was. I had a chance to address that at the “Heaven’s Family Reunion” in Pittsburgh in August. I … Continue reading

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Christian History in a Nutshell

Ready? Let’s go! The apostles formed churches. Those churches formed churches. These churches had no leadership higher than the local city or town. Nonetheless, they were taught to carefully preserve the apostles’ teaching. Over time, as the churches grew, some … Continue reading

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Through the Bible in a Year: Matthew 13 to 17

This is another long commentary. I hated not giving you the information because I know there are those who will really benefit from it. So today, I have introduced a new convention. Some of the sections are marked "(Advanced)." Children … Continue reading

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The Magisterium and the Protestant Reformation

I had never heard of the "magisterium"until I read The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman. He uses it to refer to the authorities of the church in his trilogy, which was written specifically as an attack on Christianity. (As usual, … Continue reading

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When Protestants Become Catholic: Are the Church Fathers a Danger to Born Again Christians?

Today I read another article about a Protestant becoming Catholic through the reading of the early church fathers. Is this really where the writings of the church fathers lead? I’ve been reading the writings of the 2nd through 4th century … Continue reading

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Apostolic Succession: Tradition, Apologetics, and Contending for the Truth

Due to working on Christian History for Everyman, I’ve been slow in posting here. I’m working on a page on apostolic succession, however, and it is perfect for a blog entry. The line (uh, here I am quoting myself again) … Continue reading

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Revisiting the Ten Commandments of Catholicism

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog on the ten commandments. There I argued that the Roman Catholic Church (RCC) split “You shall not covet” into two commands in order to draw attention away from the command they omit, … Continue reading

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